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Located directly across from Dadeland Mall in Miami, Downtown Dadeland is a 7 acre mixed use project composed of rental apartments, privately owned condominium units, restaurants and retail space. Commonly referred to as "A Village Within a City" Downtown Dadeland offers residents a unique urban vibe where they can live, work and play. There are 7 buildings comprised of 416 apartments in Downtown Dadeland with studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments on the 2nd through 7th floor of each building with over 40 different floor plans.

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A village within a City at Downtown Dadeland

Downtown Dadeland is a very unique location to live in. Historically there had not been other urban settings built quite like Downtown Dadeland before the project ever broke ground in 2001. The Downtown Dadeland project is conviniently located just a few yards from one of America's iconic mall -- Dadeland Mall. If you live in Downtown Dadeland, weather you're looking to buy a condo in Dadeland or Rent a unit here, there is truly no other place like it in South Florida. If you're a local resident and you're considering moving to Downtown Dadeland check our Availability Page -- which shows you what's available to buy here.

The Project is a very unique layout, in which you can ejoy and choose to live amongst 7 towers within the village. Building A in Downtown Dadeland is conviniently located North East side of the lot and is one of the closest building to Kendall Drive. Building B in Downtown Dadeland is located directly north to Building A and also faces Kendall Drive, either Building A and B in Downtown Dadeland will give you views of Kendall Drive and is in close proximity to Dadeland Mall. As you move south with in the village you will see Buildings C and D. Building C faces the shopping center where you will find The Container Store, Brandsmart USA and Old Navy. Building C in downtown dadeland offers views towards the East and views facing Building D in Downtown Dadeland.

The Westside of Building D in Downtown Dadeland Apartment offers views of nearby buildings such as Toscano and Metropolis, while East side units within this building will offer you views of Building C, which is East of Building D. The final three buildings within Downtown Dadeland are towards the end of the village. Building E in Downtown Dadeland offers Eastern views of the shopping center and the West side units offer views of building F. Some units within in Building E offer views of South East of USA 1. These three units are perhaps offer the closes proximity to quickly gain access to Miami-Dade's metro station, where you can quickly jump on and move around the city.

Building G in Downtown Dadeland is position at the very end of the village. This is where your amenities would be, such as the pool and community gym. Building G is the only building that is shaped as a triangle and offers various views. One amazing view from building G is to be able to see straight down the middle of the village main road. This is perhaps the only building that offer this unique view within in Downtown Dadeland.

Which ever building you decide to call home within in Downtown Dadeland, there are very unique in their own way. The village, has and offers unique living in south florida and all the buildings offer retail stores on the very first level of each of the 7 towers that make up Downtown Dadeland.

Downtown Dadeland Aerial

Downtown Dadeland is at the center of the map located between Kendall Drive - North US 1 and EAST of the Palmetto Express way and conviniently located across Dadeland Mall.

Downtown Dadeland Apartments